Monday, March 24, 2008


Well, Spring seems to have come to Camarillo! I hope it keeps up!.This morning began Hans' Spring break from school and I took him for a two mile walk up through the Eucalyptus Trees near Charter Oak Park here in town. It was a beautiful morning...the smell of orange tree blossoms and jasmine is wonderful. A week ago Saturday, John and I and Hans went for a short hike up La Jolla Canyon off the Pacific Coast Highway and enjoyed the beautiful yellow wildflowers all over the hills. It just makes you want to get outside more.

Hans and John are riding bikes to school again in the morning and then I ride my bike in the afternoon to pick him up. Hopefully after the break, we can do it more.

This past week, our friend Allen Jenkins and John chartered another sailboat and made a "guy trip" out of it by going out to Santa Cruz Island and back in one day. Erik came with his family from Tehachapi to be able to go. Others that were able to "call in sea-sick" that day and go were Lew and Dodd, Danny and Trevin, Tyler and Jake. They enjoyed hiking on the island and the wildflowers are beautiful. Some fished off the boat, some snorkeled, and some even got a little seasick, but all in all, I heard it couldn't have been a better day for sailing.

Skipper Allen
Saturday morning we worked around the house all morning, cleaning, washing windows and cars and Erik and John mowed and edged the lawn and then we enjoyed an afternoon at our favorite Faria Beach . The weather was lovely, although the water is still very cold without wetsuits. Checkout the awesome t-pee Jeremy and Tyson built for the kids. There was a lot of driftwood on the beach and other people had left some fun forts that the kids played in.

I couldn't help add this funny picture of cute, pregnant Cristin...."ooooh, this water is cold!" or something like that.

Sunday, after enjoying the spiritual part of Easter at our Church meetings and singing with our ward choir, (which Kirsten did a great job of accompanying on the piano), we enjoyed hosting Easter Dinner at our house. We had 50 for dinner, mostly the Lassen's that are nearby. Everyone contributed by bringing a part of the meal. We had a fun Easter Egg Hunt....I think we had more observers and picture takers than we did actual "hunters". It's so fun for me to realize that after doing this for over 30 years, so many of our children are now scurrying around with their own little ones. After the egg hunt, we came back inside and had a family home evening all together. Our family room was FULL! We sang songs and had a lesson by Josh Lassen about the love of our Savior for each one of us. We ended with more songs and prayer together. We then sang happy birthday to those who were here that had birthdays in March and April before they blew out candles on the cakes.

The seasons come and go and cycles repeat themselves and these " small and simple things" are what make life worthwhile and keep our family close and strong. We love our Savior Jesus Christ and celebrate that He Is Risen and we too can be resurrected and be together as families forever.

This Easter day, March 23rd, was also my mother's birthday and since losing her just 3 1/2 months ago, it gave me cause to reflect on her life and know that she still lives. I miss her, but know where she is and who she is with and this brings great joy. After all the funerals our family has been through this winter, I am enjoying the uplift I feel this Easter and Springtime.

We have a special bonus piece of news to share....Our daughter, Trine and her husband, Larry announced to both families today that they are expecting their second baby in November. That is very happy news for them and all of us! With Ditte's and Jeremy's news a few weeks ago that they expecting their fourth baby in September and with Erik and Cristin expecting their second son in about four more weeks, there is a great renewal of life going on in our family! There truly is "a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven".

I Love Spring!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Disneyland Day with our Small Family

Last Friday, March 7th, we got up at 6:00 am and drove to Anaheim to spend a day at Disneyland. It was an impomtu decision that week. We had such a nice day together with Mette and Hans...our small family! We've never gone to Disneyland without being part of a big was so strange to get on a ride and tell them we just had 4 of us for the ride! And to sit down at a restaurant to eat....with just 4 of us! Is this how the rest of the world lives? It's strange for John and I! It was a nice getaway day!

One of the fun events of the day was to watch the Jedi Training Academy Show at the Tomorrowland Terrace. Children were called up from the audience to take part in some lightsaber training and then went up against Darth Vader and and Darth Maul! Hans raised his hand and wanted to be chosen, but enjoyed the show anyway.

Eager Future Driver! It won't be long!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Nothing like a Cool, Clear, Winter Sail to lift our spirits.....

A couple of weeks ago for Valentines Weekend, John wanted to take us out on a Sunset Dinner Cruise. It was a nice, clear but cool evening to cruise around Channel Island Harbor and barbecue our steaks. We had a wonderful afternoon and evening. Nancy and Allen Jenkins joined us and we had a really good time together. It was just what we needed to lift our spirits.

If anyone else wants to get out on a sail, just call us...John doesn't need much prompting to pull together an afternoon/evening sail!

Looks like a cute passenger (Ditte)waiting to we come!

Allen, Mette and Nancy

Happy passengers for the sunset dinner cruise...(Else, Haans and Ditte...where's Jeremy...oh yeah, he'd rather be out motorcycle riding!)
Beautiful Sunset!
Tyson hanging out in the front of the boat, getting quite an up and down ride out there.

Skipper John, with Ditte looking on......I think this is heaven to him!
Bundled up Mette keeping an eye out for other boats....cute look out crewmember :-}
Cozy couples piled into the front bedroom of the boat!

picking up new passengers (Jonathan and Kirsten...get ready to jump onboard! Allen and John enjoying a chat after our delicious meal!

Lovebirds Jonathan and Kirsten keeping warm.
Happy Valentines Everyone!