Thursday, April 24, 2008

Welcome to our little Charles John Lassen!

New mommy, Cristin and Charlie

Happy Gramma Lassen
Look at this content, sweet face!
Gramps Lassen and his namesake, Charles JOHN Lassen!
Auntie Mette
Uncle Hans

April 23rd at 7:00 am, our 10th grandchild came into the world. We were so happy to get the phonecall from Erik that all had gone well and he and Cristin had enjoyed a beautiful homebirth of their 2nd son, Charles John Lassen. Charlie, as they plan to call him, weighed 8 lbs 3oz and measured 21 1/2 inches. He has lots of dark hair and reminds of our own babies with his round face and upturned nose.

John and I and Mette and Hans drove out to Tehachapi last evening and spent a couple hours with them before we had to leave to drive home. We enjoyed bringing Luke home with us for a few days so mommy Cristin can gets some rest.

Check out Cristins' blog where Erik has added more pictures and a great tribute to his wonderful wife.

Luke reading books in Hans' room

Boy cousins,Wyatt, Luke and Isaac playing togetherLuke enjoying his applesauce,(he's wearing one of Grandpa Beecrofts' hats.)picnic at grammas' house!