Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Scott Johannes Wager .....

We had a great evening last night......September 25th, 2008

Hi family and friends,

I am so happy to post the news this morning that we spent the evening last night with Ditte and Jeremy at the Pleasant Valley Hospital in Camarillo, where Ditte labored and delivered their new little son, Scott (Scotty) Johannes Wager!

I know Ditte and Jeremy will want to tell you more about it, but all went so well. Ditte uses the Lamaze method of relaxing and breathing to go through labor and it worked well for her once again. She was ready to push at about 11:15....had one push and out came his head, another push and out came his shoulders and body. I had one of the best views of my new grandson as I was holding up one of her legs and Jeremy the other.
The Labor and Delivery Room she was in became kind of party, but she invited us to be there....Ditte and Jeremy, myself, then Nana Nancy Wager, then Mette and Tyson came, then Haans and Else came. Haans video taped the birth for them as they had asked. With the doctor and nurses, it was a full room. Like I was a birthday party for Scotty!

Scott Johannes Wager was born at 11:17 pm at Pleasant Valley Hospital and weighed in at 9 lbs. 15 oz . Two ounces bigger than his big brother, Wyatt!

As I came home to share the pictures and videos with John (he stayed home with Hans and Cozette, Atalie and Wyatt), we hugged each other...I said, "congratulations gramps" and he said..."our 11th grandchild! " It never ceases to be a miracle and a wonderful event to see a is just amazing that one moment they aren't there and the next, we have a new member of our family! We feel so very, very blessed that all is well with Ditte and the baby.
This morning we woke up the kids to get ready for school and I told them if they got ready quickly I would show them the pictures and videos on the computer of their new baby brother and Hans' new nephew. They were so excited! We had breakfast and gramps took them to school (Hans and Cozette and Atalie and Kirsten's two girls, Audrey and Addie all go to the same school.)
Wyatt is here with me today and I look forward to visiting Ditte and Jeremy and Scotty at the hospital a little later.
Welcome to our family, Scotty!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Play Day at Gramma Debi's House

Today I'm watching three cute little boys...Isaac, Wyatt and David Martin. They just so happen to all be dressed in RED shirts today,too......hmmm power color! Of course they are finding all of Hans' weapons.... his swords, guns and light sabers. They are playing nicely together and I enjoy having them. Kirsten and Jonathan are on a trip to Utah for a few days, so Isaac is staying with us until then. David's mommy, Marita, has a class to attend this morning and Wyatt's mommy, Ditte, is getting her hair done and pedicure before her new baby is born next week.
Here's some pictures of the boys dancing to a Disney TV show, playing with some lazer tag guns (they really like those) and painting the sidewalk with water. They are so much fun!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Field Trip to the Getty Museum Today

I sure must love my children! For over 25 years I have been going on field trips with them. So today I did one of those "small and simple things" and once again I rode on one of two school buses full of 85 4th and 5th grade students to go with Hans to the J. Paul Getty Museum,
It was a fun day and we really enjoyed ourselves. I'm ready to go back again for another visit. Next time, though, I'll go in my car. It is a bit exhausting to be on a warm bus with lots of noisy, excited elementary kids as we drive on the 101 to the 405 Freeways.
But truly, it wasn't that bad and I'm glad I could spend the day with Hans. It was a wonderful place to explore.

Soccer Season

Soccer Season is in full swing here in Camarillo! Last Saturday John and I went to Freedom Park and I think more than 1/2 of the Camarillo population is out there for part of the day each Saturday. It's a fun place to be.

We went to watch Cozette (#5) play on her "Pink Lemonade Team" (soccer banners have come a LONG way from the days of homemade felt banners). Then we watched Hans (#8) play with his "Royal Flush Team". Atalie is playing this year also, so we'll have to watch one of her games soon.
You can count on us being out at Freedom Park every Saturday through November!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

33rd Anniversary Celebrated in San Francisco

Julia Pfeiffer Burns Waterfall, near Big Sur on Highway 1

View of Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach, just below Christian's apartment in Presidio

Christian's Dental School for the next 3 years

View of Bridge from Christian's Apartment
Evening Cable Car Ride

On September 2nd, John and I celebrated our 33rd Wedding Anniversary. We decided to drive up along Highway 1 to San Francisco and visit our son, Christian, who is living in the Presidio Apartments of San Francisco and attends Dental School at University of Pacific. He rides his bike from his apartment, near the Golden Gate Bridge, 4 1/2 miles to his campus both ways.

We enjoyed staying with him, visiting his Dental School and seeing some sites of San Francisco. We even drove up to visit the Muir Redwoods one afternoon and walked 2 miles through the trees. We rode a cable car from Girahdelli Square at Fisherman's Warf up through the city one evening after a nice seafood dinner. We enjoyed walks on Baker Beach and up the Great Highway along Ocean Beach. Christian fed the missionaries one evening while we were there and he fixed Aebleskivers, which we all enjoyed.

We had a nice time for our first visit and hope to return again soon.

Christian came home with us for Cozette's baptism Saturday evening and then he caught the train and bus from Camarillo station back up to San Francisco on Sunday. It was a really quick trip but it was nice to be together.

Jeremy and Cozette on her baptism Day, September 6, 2008
Jeremy, Ditte, Cozette, Atalie and Wyatt on Cozette's Baptism Day