Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Annual Trip to Christmas Tree Farm to cut our tree....

Here is a link to a very beautiful video called
Joy to everyone!
Hope you'll visit it and feel the joy of Christmas this season!
Here's some photos from the beginning of our Christmas Season this year....
Hans knew right away this wasn't the real Santa, but put up with it anyway for a picture!

John waiting patiently for Hans to come from petting the farm animals to cut our tree!
Hans couldn't get enough of petting the chickens and goats at the farm

(we are true city slickers!)

Wow...only one child to push in the wheelbarrow....we used to have 8 of them!

1991 With Trine, Mette and Steffen in the longgggg red wheelbarrows!

1993 Picture when we had the first 8 children all together still

Kirsten, Erik, Ditte, Else, Christian, Trine, Steffen and Mette(No Hans yet!)

Hans and his dad getting the job done in 2008

Two for our store and one for home

Oh...who is this we see coming after we got our trees? I know these cute children!
The tradition continues on for another generation...
Jeremy pushing Cozette, Atalie and Wyatt
Ditte is behind them with little Scotty

Hans loves riding this little horse at the tree farm
(we can afford to spend money on 1 pony ride...couldn't have done that with 8 of them!)

Later in the day...our newest band member, Hans, playing with his school band

he of course chose an instrument requiring long arms!
He'll grow....that I know from experience.

Hans putting on Steffen's ornaments for him since he is away on his mission.
(we miss him) Elder Steffen Lassen received Christmas Package from Young Women in our ward
Recent picture of Steffen and Elder Baldwin in D.C.