Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekend Activities

This past weekend we enjoyed celebrating Cristin's birthday at our home. Erik, Cristin and their boys came from Tehachapi to enjoy 2 days at Disneyland and California Adventure before coming to our home Friday night and Saturday and Sunday.
Also on Saturday morning, we were able to be with Else at her Baby Shower. The women that gave her this shower were generous, as well as so many who came and gave her beautiful little baby girl clothes.

She had her last day of working as our manager of Camarillo Lassen's Store on Friday.

Erik and Cristin with Luke looking on! Erik and Cristin
Serving up Cake and Ice cream

Rance Peterson, John and Jonathan

Mette, Kirsten and Tyson

Ditte, Scotty and Haans and Else

Hans enjoying his video games
Some of our grandchildren watching a movie on Gramma's and Gramps Bed!

Else wth Mette handing her many presents!
Shower held at Janice Northrups' house (on the left)

Some of the employees and friends and family of Camarillo Lassen's Store on Else's last day of work held a small going away party in the back room

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Grandson.... announcing... Leif Christian Lassen!

Mommy Emily with Leif

Leif (pronounced Lafe...not Leef) Christian Lassen
good Viking Name!

Daddy Christian with new little son, Leif

On Tuesday, February 17th, 2009, Emily gave birth to Leif Christian Lassen. We had been praying fervently for them and all went so well it sounds. Leif was born at 7:47 PM in San Francisco, CA where his daddy is attending Dental School at University of Pacific (UOP) Dental School for the next couple of years.
He weighed in at 8lbs. 8 oz. and measured 20.5 inches. Such a nice healthy weight for a Lassen baby! His daddy says he has big hands and big feet....hmmmm that seems familiar, too!

Grandma and Grandpa Robbins were there for the birth and are taking care of big sister, Gracie.
We sure look forward to a trip soon up to San Francisco and to hold and love this new little grandson. Every baby is such a gift from God!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines' Weekend and Kayla's Blessing Day

This past weekend, John and I flew up to Utah to spend Valentines' Weekend with Trine and Larry, Leyna and Kayla, in Provo.
Sunday was Kayla's blessing day and she was a little angel. She looked beautiful in her first white dress. Her daddy, Larry, gave her such a tender, sweet Priesthood Blessing in their home ward. We felt blessed to be there for this special day.
We enjoyed a nice family dinner afterward in their ward building where we had homemade soups, salads, homemade rolls and desserts.
Cousins Terri, Julie and Daniel were all there with their families, as well as cousin Andrew Lassen who was also able to attend. Larry's family, Lynne and Larry Sr. and his sisters, his grandpa Dick, some good friends in their ward, as well as a missionary companion were there. We had a nice time visiting and taking pictures at the dinner.
We went out to dinner Friday night to Tepanyaki Restaurant in Provo and enjoyed a fun evening together there. Saturday, on Valentines Day, Trine "heart attacked" the house and around where dad and I slept and served us crepes for breakfast. Then we went to BYU campus and exercised for a little while in the Smith Field House by walking and running on their indoor track. dad pushed the girls in their double stroller. That evening we enjoyed Trine's homemade pizza and some chocolate fondue while the four of us played a "Newlywed/Oldywed game". The newlyweds won by a couple points. That was fun to play in their living room together.
We flew home last night after the dinner for Kayla's blessing and got home by 11:30 pm. What a luxury to fly instead of drive. We were so glad we could make the trip...even though it was a short one.
Thank you Krueger Family for a memorable Valentines's Weekend and thank you Ditte and Kirsten for watching Hans so we could go!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Early Valentine's Day Flowers

John and I are flying to Utah on a 6:50 AM flight tomorrow morning so we can attend our grand baby Kayla's baby blessing in Provo on Sunday. We are lucky to be able to fly so we can spend a little time with Trine and Larry and their girls before coming home Sunday night.

So, we will be spending Valentine's Day in Utah.

Kirsten and Ditte started a little flower business years ago, out of their garage's and last Valentines' Day they began taking orders from friends and family so they could order flowers and arrange them in bouquets and have ready for the special day.
Mine came today since we'll be out of town. They are beautiful, Kirsten and Ditte!

And, thank you sweetheart, for ordering them from them. I feel so loved!

Happy Valentines' Day everyone! I love you!

Quick Trip to Disneyland/California Adventure

With our new annual passes, we are finding that we can run down to Disneyland, even if it is for a few hours.

Last Friday, my sister Lisa and her family were spending a few days on a vacation trip from Mesa, Arizona. Kirsten and Isaac and I went down to spend a little time with them before leaving at 1:30 pm to be back to pick up kids from school. It was a rainy day, but we still enjoyed it so much.

We are looking forward to going again and again this year when we can fit it in.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tender Mercies.......

I haven't been blogging lately on my own blog. January has been a month of trying to catch up and keep up a very fast pace as we head into the New Year. I still hope to post about some of the things we did for the holidays and this month.

But for now, let me post about a tender mercy we just experienced yesterday. I am feeling so much gratitude to our Heavenly Father and must take this occasion to write about it.

Saturday mornings, Mette drives down to Van Nuys to be part of a Ballroom Dance Class and Team. She loves going, but yesterday morning she was extra tired and got up a little late. She almost decided not to go at all, but she went anyway.

John and I and Hans said good-bye and I kissed her about 7:30 as she left. We then got ready and went to the Stake Center to take our assignment of cleaning the building starting at 8:00 am. I accidentally grabbed John's cellphone (which was turned off) and put it in my pocket to keep it with me as I went about cleaning. John need to call one of the members of his cleaning team and when I handed him the cellphone, I realized it was his, not mine. Mine was still at home. Anyway, about 10:00, a message finally got through to him from Mette that she had been in car accident, shortly after 8:00 am in Van Nuys at the intersection of Balboa and Burbank. As she got off the freeway there was a traffic light which she stopped at and then when she went again, she didn't notice another traffic light within about 50 feet. As she went across the white lines, she looked up and discovered it was a red light! Too late! A car coming from her passenger side ran into her front right wheel and fender area very hard, causing her to spin and be shoved sideways, facing the oncoming cars who were waiting at the red light. She crashed head on into one of them, braking the axle on that car, at the same time hitting two other cars on her drivers side. Her airbags both deployed, hitting her hard in the face, especially her upper lip. She looked over the airbags in the faces of people getting out of their cars and coming toward her, knowing that she had caused all this. She couldn't get out right away.

Fortunately, no one else seemed to be hurt, that in itself is a HUGE blessing, but her car was totaled and the car that hit her was totaled and the car with the broken axle was towed away, also.

Most everyone was nice to her and comforting her. The firemen took her vitals and asked her questions to see if she knew where she was and what day it was, etc. The tow truck driver, who John and I met later in the day when we drove down to the yard to see the car and sign a release to our insurance company, took us out to see the car. He told us he had tried to comfort her and give her some water to drink. He sees lots of wrecks every day, some really bad ones, and he said he never leaves the house without asking God to help him come back safe that night. I told him, yes, we ask for safety every day in our prayers as well, and this day with hearts full and tears streaming, we knelt in a prayer of gratitude for watching over Mette and keeping her from being hurt badly.
We are so thankful Mette was able to reach Ditte, who called Jeremy and he left work and went down to help Mette and drive her home. Thank you SOOO much, Jeremy. We felt so terrible we couldn't be reached....no one remembered where we were at the church cleaning...even Mette with all she went through, had forgotten that was where we were, so thank you again, Jeremy.

Here's the pictures of the car as we saw it in the Police Storage Yard in Van Nuys.....Poor little red Mitsubishi....it's done for!

But, as for Mette, her lip has gone down to almost normal and she is sore especially her shoulders and neck and her chest aches, probably from the impact of the seat belts and the airbags. But she is doing fine. We have been recipients this weekend of tender mercies that we can see clearly. I think many times we have them in our life, but we don't recognize them......not this time! When I woke this morning, the thought came clearly to me that my parents, grandma and grandpa Beecroft, were probably being guardian angles again. I know they watch over their children and grandchildren here on earth.
Don't ever leave home without kissing your loved ones and telling them you love them and praying for safety that day!