Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Catching up with March and April

I haven't posted for a whole month it seems....time flies by. Since my last post I have been to Mesa and back with Hans to attend my nephew, Dustin's wedding. Hans and I left early on a Thursday morning and met up with Ditte and family at a Marriott Hotel early in the afternoon where we stayed in Mesa. We let the kids swim a little before getting ready to go to the wedding and reception at the "Wright House".

It was so much fun seeing all of my siblings together at once and many of their children and spouses! I had such a great time dancing with my baby brother, Jon and Hans got to dance with his Arizona cousins.

Driving across the desert was quite beautiful as there were lots of yellow and purple flowers blooming this time of year. I will always have a special place in my heart for my home state of Arizona!

Before Hans and I drove home Friday afternoon, we stopped with Ditte and her children at the Center Street Cemetary in Mesa to visit my parents' and my brother and sister's graves there. It's still strange to look down at my mom and dad's headstone and realize they are both gone. I feel like they are still with us, just on a mission or one of their trips together...which in a sense, that is true!

When I got home late Friday night, John was just coming home from an all day sailing trip out to Santa Cruz Island again with our son, Erik and some friends. They had a good time. We enjoyed a weekend of family in town and spent Saturday enjoying walks near the Ventura Pier together.

Jonathan, Haans, Erik, Kirsten, Tyson, Hans

Jonathan, Erik and John watching the surfers at C Street Point

New mommy Else, and Gramps John swinging

For Spring Break, John and I, Mette and Hans, drove up to Utah to attend General Conference and we had tickets for the Sunday morning session in the Conference Center. We enjoyed being there so much and it was Hans' first time actually attending conference in person since he is old enough now.

We stayed with Trine and Larry's family in Provo and enjoyed being with them a few days, including a day of skiing at Brighton. We had a GREAT day of spring skiing there. It was absolutely a beautiful day.

This past Sunday, we enjoyed Easter and had 40 at our house for dinner this year. We had a fun Easter Egg Hunt in our front yard, too.

Cristin with Charlie....cousin Jacob Lassen

Cousins, Isaac Kent, Kalob Lassen, Wyatt Wager and Luke Lassen

Four fulltime missionaries we enjoyed having over for Easter Dinner

Hans loaded up after the Egg Hunt
Else with Charlotte on her first Easter

Auntie Doris, Bedstemor and Bedstefar participating in the Easter Egg Hunt

Auntie Mette holding little Scotty Wager....his first Easter, too.

Uncle Tyson Endecott holding his niece and our newest grandchild, Charlotte

Erik with his two boys, Charlie and Luke

Kandra Lassen with Brendon, Cristin Lassen with Charlie and Ditte Wager with Scotty

We have had some lovely family times. We miss Christian and his family up in San Francisco and Trine and her family in Utah, and Steffen on his mission, but are grateful whenever we get together.