Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcoming our new little grand daughter, Elina Jane Kent Gramma and Gramps getting their first chance to hold our new little Elina Jane Kent at the Pleasant Valley Hospital in Camarillo
Born Thursday, February 18, 2010 at 10:08 AM
Weighed 7lbs 7oz and measured 21 inches
Lot's of black hair and very PINK!
Elina with her daddy Jonathan, big brother Isaac and happy, but tired mommy, Kirsten

Daddy Jonathan bringing Elina home from the hospital

Big sisters, Audrey and Adalyn get to meet their little sister

Elina Jane

Welcome Home Banner from Elina's siblings and Uncle Hans

The kids watching for the car to drive up the street to meet their new little sister

Waiting and waiting and waiting......She is worth waiting for!

Big sisters Audrey, Adalyn, big brother Isaac and Uncle Hans

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day 2010

Dad ordered this flower arrangement from Ditte....beautiful job again, Deetz! For those of you who celebrated in other places, Happy Valentines' Day from our home! We enjoyed a homemade lasagna dinner. Ditte made homemade french bread in the shape of a heart, Else made a salad and dad cut up fresh strawberries from the fields of Camarillo to go with our angel food cake and whipped cream. I even made sugar cookies for the kids to frost and decorate, and I don't do sugar cookies usually!

Friday, dad and I went to California Adventure and Disneyland for our "Valentine's Day" date. We started out our evening by eating at our favorite Downtown Disney restaurant, Naples Pizzeria.The two of us had such a nice evening together. We enjoyed the Muppet Theatre attraction that we've never been to before. (We love the Muppets and miss those good weekly Muppet TV shows.)We even went on Screamin' roller coaster together and enjoyed Soarin' over California before we went into Disneyland to watch the Fireworks show on Main Street. We ended the evening by going to the newly restored "Great Moment's with Mr. Lincoln" theatre on his 201st birthday. It was very patriotic. Proud to be Americans and of being reminded once again of heroes such as Abraham Lincoln.

We've had a nice weekend. Hope you have too, wherever you are celebrating it!

We are waiting for our new little granddaughter to be born any time now....Kirsten has had labor pains off and on for several days. Excitement to come!

We love you all!
mom and dad/gramma and gramps

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cub Scouts and Pinewood Derby

We just came through Pinewood Derby time once again! Hans had a successful experience as he got to go with our Pack to Chuck Stevenson's wood shop to trace, cut out and sand with the other boys, his own car.
We had a lot of fun with the whole experience. He drew his design and wanted the back end to be higher. He wanted the weights on the back to help "push" it down the track faster. He chose gold color and painted it himself and added BSA 2010 100 Years of Boys Scout stickers to decorate it .
He did really well and had all 2nd place and 1 first place wins. John was relieved it did as well as it did. There was a little glitch in the computer program Jonathan was using to keep track of the derby and Hans was honored to be in 2nd place overall for the whole night. But, even after he was told that another boy actually got 2nd place, he was okay with it and said he just had fun. We were most proud of him for that attitude.
I remember when we found out Hans was a boy and when he was born, John said, "oh, great....more pinewood derby cars !" Well....we've arrived....Hans just finished his last pinewood derby car since he's been in Cub Scouts 3 years now and will move onto Boy Scouts next year. came and went so fast, didn't it????
Now we can relax and enjoy our "grandson's" pinewood derby cars and let their dads and moms do all the worrying! Can't wait to attend Pinewood Derby's for Wyatt, Isaac, Luke, Charlie, Leif, and Scotty's races!
We love the Boys Scouts of America! Happy 100th Birthday this week on February 8th, 2010!