Monday, March 1, 2010

Dancing with the Stars, Camarillo 2nd Ward Party

On Friday, February 19th, Camarillo 2nd ward Activities Committee, being led by Wendy Speakman, organized a "Dancing with the Stars" night for the adults in our ward. John and I got to participate as one of the couples to dance in front of the "judges". It was set up a lot like the TV show of the same name.
I was very nervous because I am not comfortable dancing with all eyes on us...I prefer to blend in with a crowd on the dance floor, but here we are doing our best swing moves, and we had a lot of fun doing it! (I just wish we were in better shape and didn't get so out of breathe!)
Thank you to the Activities Committee and the "generosity" of the judges for making it a very memorable evening for us. We laughed and enjoyed ourselves so much after our number was over. The other couples were so much fun!
The Ah Sue's won 1st place for the night doing a routine called, "Dance Evolution". It was so funny to see Frank's "moves"! They did snippets of several styles of dances.
Nikki Waller and her dad performed a lovely waltz and won 2nd place. Her dad was on the BYU Ballroom Dance team years ago and led her across the floor so beautifully!
Everyone got a prize for "best of something" and we felt surprised to get 3rd overall! Not bad for two "old" grandparents!
Debi and John being introduced by Master of Ceremony, Rex Henderson
Swingin' to "Rock Around the Clock Tonight"

One of our favorite moves...

Still Swingin'

Doing our best at the "Swing"

All the dancers we competed with this night:
Frank and Linda AhSue, Ken and Mardene Hansen, Sara and Chris Galante, Bro. Zimmerman (Nikki Waller's dad), and Mike Waller, Debi and John Lassen, Laura and Tom Penrose, Craig and Heidi Nebekker

Sui Wishart, John, Debi, Ron Speakman, Eric Daily
Here we are getting 3rd Place and posing with our judges!
(Thank you for being "kind" with your comments, Judges!)