Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some Autumn events.....

"I Know My Savior Lives"

Today we had our Camarillo 2nd ward Primary Sacrament Program where Hans participated in his very last Primary Program! He and Audrey, Addie and Isaac had speaking parts and sang the beautiful messages of the gospel, as well. Kirsten, our ward Primary President, shared her testimony at the beginning of the program and started it off with a beautiful, sweet spirit as she expressed her love for the Savior and for these precious children. We enjoyed the meeting so much and felt the Savior's love.

Then, John and I and Hans went to Camarillo 5th ward's program to feel more of that same, sweet spirit as Ditte and Jeremy participated as primary leaders and pianist in their ward and Cozette, Atalie and Wyatt all sang and had speaking parts. We had tears of joy in our eyes many times today as we thought about how much the church has done for our family and now to know that our grandchildren are being blessed with the same teachings and growing opportunities to draw near to their Savior and strive to keep his commandments. We know our grandchildren in Tehachapi, San Francisco and New Hampshire are participating in their primary programs this fall, as well. How I wish we could be there for all of them! I am so thankful to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!
Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend a special devotional at the Los Angeles Temple with John. He has been an ordinance worker for a number of years now. Every year, they invite all the ordinance workers to a devotional they hold in the Solemn Assembly room on the 3rd floor of the temple. This room is as long as a football field...huge! The Southern California Mormon Choir sang quite a few numbers and it was so beautiful. Our special speaker was Elder Russell M. Nelson, of the quorum of the Twelve Apostles. It was a lovely experience to spend a Sunday afternoon in the temple.

A Saturday morning walk to one of our favorite Camarillo spots.

A boy and his dog.

Hans and his skateboard

We recently took Hans and a couple of our granddaughters to the newly remodeled Los Angeles Temple Visitors Center. It is a fantastic place to visit and we had a lovely evening together, ending with a stroll around the temple grounds, singing "I love to the see the Temple" at the front doors of the temple for Gramps and eating matzaball soup at one of Gramps' favorite delis nearby.

Atalie, Hans and Cozette

I love to the see the temple, I'm going there someday.....

Father and son Saturday morning project, building Gretel a dog house to keep her out of the rain. (We've had quite the rain already this fall and more to come.)

Hans playing "keeper" at one of his soccer games this fall.

Hans ready to go to his first day of middle school this fall. He is a 6th grader at the University Charter Middle School

Steffen and Emily on September 1st after he officially asked her to marry him and gave her the ring he designed and had made just for her. We had the privilege of going sailing with them and her family that day out to Santa Cruz Island where the event occurred. It was a wonderful day.